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Baby Olivia . . . truly a miracle!

September 24, 2013 – “The birth of your first child is overwhelming!  You are overwhelmed by your child’s purity and innocence,by the depth of your love for them, by the constant care and concern for their welfare, by their purity and innocence, by their tiny features, by gratitude for such a precious gift.  When Jared and Sierra’s sweet little girl was born fifteen weeks premature, nothing could quite prepare them for the road that lay ahead.  Their love for each other and their love and faith in their Heavenly Father got them through this trial of many weeks in the hospital, waiting for her to develop and be strong enough to come home.  It was true joy when that day finally arrived.  Olivia is a miracle, thanks to many, many prayers offered in her behalf.  She is a beautiful little girl and to see Jared and Sierra with her truly touched our hearts.  A wonderful life is ahead for her and and for Jared and Sierra, the fun is just beginning!!  They used to read her the story of Olivia, the pig, everyday in the hospital, so of course, we had to include ‘Olivia, the pig’ in our photo session.   Here are a few favorites.”  Glade and Corinne

Olivia-1 Olivia-2 Olivia-3 Olivia-4 Olivia-5 Olivia-6 Olivia-7 Olivia-8 Olivia-9 Olivia-10 Olivia-11 Olivia-12 Olivia-13 Olivia-14 Olivia-17 Olivia-18 Olivia-19 Olivia-20 Olivia-21 Olivia-22 Olivia-23 Olivia-24 Olivia-25 Olivia-26 Olivia-27 Olivia-28 Olivia-29


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