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LOVE . . . Abbi’s vintage senior pics!!

November 5, 2012 – “LOVE . . . this sums up my feelings about this photo session!!!  To know Abbi is to love her.  She is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  She is genuinely sweet, kind, good and talented, as she is beautiful.  I got to know her when I was her Young Women’s leader for our Mormon church.  She was only fourteen and I can’t believe that she is now 18, a senior in high school and preparing to venture out into the world on her own!!  She loves to play the piano, so of course, we had to get photos with her very own beautiful new baby grand.  We did the remaining photos at the always awesome Ogden Union Station.  I love the sun shining on Abbi’s gorgeous red hair, the suitcase she brought that was actually her grandpa’s (he took it with him on his LDS mission), Abbi’s sense of style, her fabulous “Dorothy with attitude” shoes, her vivacious personality.  What a blessing and privilege to take Abbi’s senior photos.  True confessions . . . this was actually my first photo session all by myself, without my partner and hubbie, Glade.  I second shoot with Glade on weddings and I assist him on our other photo sessions, but I did this one on my own.  I love how the photos turned out!!  O.K. . . . enough LOVE already.  Enjoy the photos!”  Corinne


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