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Jennifer and Mike in amazing Moab . . .

November 3, 2012 – “Jennifer and Mike were the lucky winners of our Facebook Moab bridal contest!!  We were so sad that we were scheduled to be out of town the weekend that they were married in August in the beautiful Logan Temple, so we were not able to take their wedding photos.  We were blessed to spend some incredible time together taking pictures in Arches National Park.  It was so fun to see people’s reactions to seeing a bride and groom in such a unique setting.  At one point, we were taking pictures and had no idea that a crowd had gathered behind us to watch.  As we finished and turned around, they broke into applause to congratulate Jennifer and Mike.  One sweet little old lady asked if she could take their picture.  They caused quite a stir wherever we went.  We can’t thank Jennifer and Mike enough for giving us the wonderful opportunity to be in Moab with them.  We are so happy that are paths crossed.  We are confident that they will have a beautiful eternity together.  We LOVE their photos . . . the incredible landscape of arches, the striking contrast of her beautiful white dress against the red rocks, the brilliant blue skies and wispy clouds, the breathtaking panoramic sunset.  It was an awesome experience!!  Here are a few of many favorites to enjoy.”  Glade and Corinne


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