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Tears of joy atop a crater . . . Allison and Mike’s wedding!

September 26, 2012 – “Allison began to cry when she walked into the bride’s room and saw her bouquet.  We knew immediately that this was going to be a day filled with emotion.  Allison’s sister, Ashley, tried to comfort her by recalling funny stories from their childhood.  Allison was laughing through her tears.  It was so very sweet!  Allison looked amazing in her gorgeous vintage lace dress and cathedral length veil.  We loved the rosebuds in her hair.  She was going to take Mike’s breath away when he saw her.

The ceremony was held on top of the crater at the Homestead Resort – the first couple to be married there.  The wedding guests and wedding party had to climb a very long flight of stairs to get to the crater.  The 360 degree panoramic view of the Heber Valley was spectacular!  This was a perfect setting for Allison and Mike as they love the outdoors.  The ceremony itself was beautiful and emotional.  We loved the reading from the book, The Velveteen Rabbit, about real love.  

The details of this wedding were so creative.  Allison and Mike met at a ski resort.  He worked at Alta and she worked at Brighton.  To direct the wedding guests to their tables for dinner, each table was decorated with wildflowers and a sign for a ski resort.  The guests names were printed on cards hanging from a pair of old skis showing which ‘ski resort’ they would be dining at.  It was so very clever!  The wedding cake was actually large log slices covered with mini tarts.  On top of the logs was a single cupcake which they cut.  Their cake topper was an heirloom that had been used in their family for generations. 

The reception was a blast, thanks to Durven Wilson from Laughing Gravy Entertainment.  He is the best at making any event fun!  He gave all the men crazy hats and had them dance to “YMCA”.  Mike got to be the fireman, as he is one in real life.  The garter was a highlight of the evening.  Mike got down on the floor and removed the garter with his teeth, even tearing off Allison’s shoe with his teeth.  Glade got some great photos of it laying on the floor with him.  The garter toss had to be done three times as first it fell short and the second time, actually stuck to the ceiling.  The dance party that followed was wild and crazy and fun.  Allison’s father was by far the best dancer of them all.  The daddy/daughter dance was swing dancing that impressed everyone! 

It was a great day and we drove away at midnight exhausted but grateful for the opportunity to witness and document such a beautiful and joyous event.  Allison and Mike are so incredibly in love and we have no doubt that their lives will be filled with indescribable happiness!”  Glade and Corinne


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