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Pure passion and sweet emotion . . . Shawnee and Ryan’s wedding!

September 19, 2012 – “Where to begin . . . there were so many things we loved about this wedding at Canterbury Place!!!  First of all, Shawnee and Ryan . . . they are filled with such love and passion for each other.  You can see it and feel it.  Our other loves . . . Ryan’s tears the moment he saw Shawnee walk down the aisle, the sweet vows they wrote themselves, Ryan’s ivory tux and Shawnee’s amazing dress covered in rosettes, the flowers on the cake that matched her dress, Ryan’s camo wedding ring, Shawnee’s wildflower bouquet.  One of the sweetest parts of the evening was the daddy/daughter dance.  Shawnee’s father wrote an original song just for the occasion.  He recorded it in advance, playing the instruments and singing it.  This is the song they danced to and watching it was almost a sacred experience.  Tears filled Shawnee’s big, beautiful eyes as she looked up at her dad in gratitude.  It makes me emotional just writing about it.  This tender moment was followed by a wild and crazy dance party.  Shawnee is a dancer and Ryan had some pretty sweet moves himself.  We loved the balloon send off at the end of the evening.  Most brides and grooms at this point in the evening say, ‘We are outta here!’  Shawnee and Ryan stayed and hugged and thanked their family and friends for making their wedding day so special.  This says so much about their warmth and graciousness.  They must have thanked us a hundred times for all we did for them as their photographers.  Weddings are as fun and beautiful as they are stressful and exhausting for the photographers.  In spite of the stress, we love it and put our whole heart and soul into it.  A sincere, heartfelt thank you means the world to us!  So, thank YOU, Shawnee and Ryan, for allowing us the privilege of being your wedding photographers.  We will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.  Keep that passion alive!!”  Glade and Corinne



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