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“But I want to marry Mommy!” . . . Kayla and Justin’s wedding

September 8, 2012 – “Here comes our Mommy!  The sign adorned the back of the wagon carrying Kayla and Justin’s baby son, Noah, and was pulled . . . for a time . . . by their oldest son, Ryland.  He was having a rough time, not quite understanding the events of the day.  He said that he wanted to marry his mom!  He dropped the wagon in the middle of the wedding march and ran to his mom being walked down the aisle by ‘grandpa’.  Grandma had to pull the wagon the rest of the way.  This little boy’s love for his mommy was so pure and sweet.  We love the photos of him looking up at his mom and dad during the ceremony.  Baby Noah slept through most of the ceremony comfy in the arms of a groomsman.

It was an elegant affair from beginning to end with so many exquisitely beautiful details . . . from the flowers and feathers on Kayla’s dress replicated in the wedding cake and the bouquet and floral arrangements to the varying shades of soft peach and green.  The flower girls were adorable and Ryland and Noah were so handsome in their matching outfits.  The fathers of the bride and groom were like Fred Astaire in their long black tuxes with tails.  Kayla looked like Barbie . . . so perfectly beautiful!  It was truly a fairy tale wedding for Kayla and Justin and their two sweet boys.  What a pleasure to photograph this wedding!”  Glade and Corinne


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