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Happy 90th Birthday, Dad!!

August 16, 2012 – “On a personal note, I have to wish a very happy 90th birthday to my father.  My feelings are tender as I reflect on my memories of Dad.  He is everything a girl could want in a father.  Dad could shoot targets better than men half his age.  He is the only founding member of the Reno Air Races.  He actually took out a second mortgage on our home to raise the prize money to attract more competitors.  (I wonder how mom felt about that!)  He was a C.P.A. working so hard, especially through those grueling tax seasons to provide for our family.  He took time for many fun adventures and loved to hunt, fish and fly.  He taught me how to water ski and we spent every weekend all summer long boating at Pyramid Lake, Lake Tahoe and Lake Lahontan.  Those were great times!  He taught me how to work hard and play hard (I’m still learning the playing hard.)  I love his jokes and his funny sayings, his apple fritters on a Sunday morning, his smile, his hands, his honky tonk piano playing, his patience, his integrity and his unconditional love. 

I’m so glad that Dad took tons of photos as we were growing up.  I have slide carousels filled with old photos.  I must get my picture taking obsession from him.  These photos are priceless!  It reinforced the importance of my work as a photographer.  Pictures have the miraculous ability to freeze time and treasured moments forever.

It’s no fun to get old and have your body not do what it has always been able to do.  I think it was John Wayne that said, ‘Getting old is not for sissies!’  Now that I am a parent and even a grandparent, I hope that a little of my dad will live in on each of them.  I love you Dad.  Thank you for everything.  I made this video as my tribute to you and to a life well-lived.”  Your proud daughter, Corinne

Click on this link to view the video:

Yes, that’s me under the hat.  Hey, it was the 70’s!  This was my favorite boat – an Arena Craft with an orange metallic top named Sue-Z-Q.  All Dad’s boats were named Sue-Z-Q. 

I love this photo of Dad eating peanut butter and banana and Ritz crackers and drinking a Coors on the tailgate of his Jeep during a hunting trip.

PRICELESS!!  I did not inherit Dad’s shooting skills.

Such a handsome couple!  Mom and Dad loved to get gussied up and go out on the town.


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