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Save the last dance for me . . . Tiffany and Aaron’s wedding

July 18, 2012 – “Romantic.  Passionate.  Fun.  Crazy dancing.  Words to describe Tiffany and Aaron’s wedding at Millennial Falls on June 9.  One thing you can usually count on the day of the wedding . . . unexpected things happen which typically results in the schedule being thrown out the window.  Tiffany was perfectly calm, things went like clockwork and she walked down the aisle to meet her handsome man right on schedule.  We have never seen anything like it!  Well, there was a slight melt down from one of the adorable flower girls who suddenly got stage fright.  Tiffany looked amazing!  We loved her choice of colors and the flowers were vibrant and gorgeous.

It was truly a celebration as family and friends came together to support Tiffany and Aaron on this joyous day.  The toasts to the bride and groom were touching and heartfelt.  The cake smash was perfect – love the cake hanging off Aaron’s chin.  Some country for Tiffany and some classic rock for Aaron (I’m a little bit country.  He’s a little bit rock ‘n roll.  Where have I heard that before?) got the party rockin’ and the dance floor full of wild and crazy dancers.  One of these days we are just going to get out there and dance with them.  Our favorite was the Oktoberfest song that Aaron requested – apparently a tradition.  Glade and I and the guests looked at each other like ‘What is this?’  It was crazy but fun to watch.  We threw in a photo of the dance.  Glade has been taking some video at our weddings recently.  This has been a fun way to capture the fun and emotion of the moment.  It is always such a treat to work with a couple who are so obviously in love and aren’t afraid to show it!  From one affectionate couple to another . . . keep that fire burnin’!!  Congratulations to Tiffany and Aaron.”  Glade and Corinne


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