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Nadia and Kim

July 2, 2012 – “Nadia and Kim met in law school in Sacramento and were married there on May 18.  After a fabulous and romantic honeymoon in Antigua, they had a second wedding reception here where Kim was born and raised.  As Kim is a Mason, they chose the beautifully unique Masonic Temple for the venue.  The Salt Lake Masonic Temple is the Masonic headquarters for Utah, and is Salt Lake City’s best example of Egyptian Revival Architecture.  It was completed in 1927, and is located in the South Temple Historic District of Salt Lake City, Utah.  After the reception, the wedding guests were given a tour of the building and learned of its history.  We had the wonderful opportunity to get photos of Nadia and Kim in some of the different rooms.  This gives them truly one-of-a-kind wedding pictures.  The reception had many creative touches to reflect their personalities.  Each table’s centerpiece was one of Nadia or Kim’s law books with a description of what they learned from the book that they use in their careers as attorneys.  We liked the brief case that held the wedding cards.  One of the highlights of the evening was Kim and his Sigma Chi fraternity brothers serenading Nadia.  Then each presented her with a pink rose and finally, Kim was last and presented her with a white rose and gave her a kiss.  It was a very touching moment.  Nadia looked breathtaking in her wedding dress layered with tulle and lace.  Kim was rockin’ his cool tux and pink socks.  We also had a quick session at Memory Grove before the reception.  Nadia and Kim, it’s been a pleasure!  We know you will be so happy together.  Enjoy some of our favorite photos.”  Glade and Corinne


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