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Now Showing . . . “Tying the Knot” starring Sarah and Keane

June 14, 2012 – “This was truly a one-of-a-kind red carpet event celebrating Sarah and Keane tying the knot!  It was dripping with creativity and vintage style with so much attention to detail.  Sarah and Keane love movies and wanted their reception to be like a movie premiere, starring them!  It was brilliant . . . from the wedding invitation that looked like a movie poster with ticket stubs for the different events to the classic car that swept took them from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple where they were married to the celebrations to follow.  There was a photo booth and tons of incredible and unique vintage hats and props for the guests to dress up in.  Family group photos were never more fun as everyone put on something fun to wear. We LOVED it!!!!  There was an incredible and touching display of old wedding photos from both Sarah and Keane’s families.  The wedding dresses from both grandmas were displayed.  How sweet to get a photo of Sarah’s grandma holding her wedding photo while sitting next to the dress she wore when she was married.  The centerpieces were old-fashioned lace doilies and vintage lamps with tiny movie reels on each table.  There were old black and white silent movies playing while guests dined on flavored sodas, ice cream sundaes and popcorn.  The kids had a blast, to their parents’ dismay, splashing in the little wishing pond complete with goldfish.   Sarah and Keane’s engagement and wedding photos were displayed as large film strips.  Sarah looked gorgeous in her classic ivory wedding gown and pearls while Keane was dashing in his custom-made gray suit.  What a privilege it has been to work with this incredibly sweet and wonderful couple.  In keeping with the movie theme, rather than post photos, we made a mini-movie of their special day.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!!”  Glade and Corinne



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