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Kristen and Chris’ Engagements

May 3, 2012 – “Kristen and Chris love rock climbing and hiking in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It is a special place for them – the perfect setting for their engagement photos.  They have been dating for seven years and Chris actually proposed on a hike.  They will tie the knot in July.  They were willing (or crazy) enough to scale some rocks to get pictures in the river.  We love the look of those massive granite boulders!  They even crossed a huge water pipe suspended over the river with the greatest of ease, like gymnasts on a balance beam.  We also had fun getting some photos of them looking super cool on Chris’ Harley.  Glade was drooling and all the way home he was trying to convince me that HE needed a Harley.  Sorry, Glade . . . no deal!  Do you love Kristen’s reflection in his rear view mirror?  We loved our time with them and are so excited for their wedding.  Their two golden retrievers, Timber and Barkley, will even be a part of the ceremony!”  Corinne



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