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Kirstie and Colton’s Wedding

April 30, 2012 – “The bride’s room was a frenzy of activity cluttered with shoes, hairspray, make-up and curling irons.  Kirstie is a no-frills kind of girl but she patiently let her sisters fuss over her so that she would look absolutely breathtaking and make Colton’s jaw drop to the floor with adoration when he saw his bride for the first time.    In typical fashion, the guys were ready in all of five minutes, killing time and waiting . . . waiting . . . and more waiting.  Kirstie was worth waiting for and took Colton’s breath away.  It was an emotional ceremony beginning with Dad walking his ‘little girl’ down the aisle and ending with tearful hugs all around.  Kirstie and Colton are perfect for each other – both are fun-loving free spirits who love four-wheeling, shooting, camping and fishing together.  Our favorite things . . . the bride and groom’s cool cowboy boots, Colton’s funny faces, the father/daughter dance (it even made us cry), Kirstie’s parents and sisters watching the first dance with tears in their eyes, the wedding cake war, the adorable children, the starving bride munching on french fries during the reception, the men (and women) rockin’ their super cool cowboy hats, taking photos at the unique Ogden Union Station and the Coca-Cola wall (Kirstie loves Diet Coke and her kitchen is decorated in a Coke theme).   It was a great day and as always, we felt privileged to be a part of it!”  Glade and Corinne



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