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Jessica and Andrew’s Wedding

April 10, 2012 – “On March 9th, Jessica and Andrew made their grand entrance from the doors of the Salt Lake Temple as husband and wife for eternity.  Every wedding we photograph fills us with joy  . . . joy for the young man and woman who have found true love, joy for the parents who raised them, joy for all the family and friends gathered to wish them well, joy that we have the great blessing to witness such a happy day.  It always takes us back to our wedding day so many years ago.  We know from experience that the fun is just beginning for these young couples.  Marriage is a great adventure!  There were so many beautiful moments in the day.  I actually cried while editing the photos of the daddy/daughter dance.  That always gets me – probably because I’m a parent.  It’s hard to see a child get married, even though it is a very happy occasion.  Life is never quite the same in your family after that.  Yet when they marry the right person, it fills your heart with gratitude and JOY!  We get so attached to our wedding couples.  We feel like they are our own in a way.  We wish Andrew and Jessica an eternity of happiness!”  Glade and Corinne

Jessica’s parents were married in the Salt Lake Temple many years ago.  They wanted to recreate their wedding day pose.  What came after that was priceless!!

Love the determination on her face!  It paid off . . . she caught the bouquet!!


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