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Katelyn and Chris’ Snowy Wedding

December 28, 2011 – “On a cold, blustery day in November, Katelyn and Chris were married for time and all eternity in the beautiful Draper Temple.  It was an especially meaningful day for them as they received confirmation in numerous ways that Katelyn’s grandma, who has long since passed away, was witnessing her sealing to Chris.  She had made a wedding quilt for Katelyn before the Draper Temple was even built.  It has a beautiful log cabin pattern.  The log cabin pattern is used in the windows of the temple.  When Chris and Katelyn knelt across the altar in the temple and were making their sacred vows, sunshine came streaming through the windows on a very cloudy day.  When they came out of the temple after greeting their friends and family, sunshine once again broke through the thick clouds to shine on Katelyn and Chris.  This was no coincidence.  Katelyn knew that this was a sign from her grandma.

Brides love planning all the details of their wedding . . . usually from the time they are twelve.  Grooms are not as actively involved, but Chris did have one request.  He wanted to be married on his grandma and grandpa’s wedding anniversary.   And so they were . . . November 18.  Chris called his grandma up during the reception for a special presentation, giving her a bouquet of anniversary flowers.  At one point during the dancing, Katelyn danced with her grandpa and Chris danced with her grandma.  It was such a sweet and touching moment.  

One of the highlights of the evening was the fresh fallen snow.  The snowflakes were as big as silver dollars!  It was a beautiful send off for the new bride and groom.  Much better than bubbles!  Thank you, Katelyn and Chris, for choosing us to be your wedding photographers.  It was a pleasure from beginning to end!”  Glade and Corinne


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