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Andrea and Taylor’s Engagements . . . find the hidden pineapple?

December 19, 2011 – “Andrea and Taylor have known each other for eleven years.  They met at a coffee house while at school in S. Carolina and their friendship grew to love.  Absence is definitely making their hearts grow fonder as Andrea is in Utah and Taylor is finishing law school in Washington D.C.  We got a rare combination of fresh fallen snow and beautiful fall leaves for their engagement session at the Garden Park Ward and This is the Place Park.  They also wanted to prove to their friends on the east coast that their eastern ‘mountains’ are really just hills.   One of their favorite shows is “Psych” and a pineapple is hidden in every episode.  Can you find the hidden pineapple in their engagement photos?   As luck would have it, there was even a pineapple in the coffee shop on 9th and 9th in Salt Lake City where we finished our photo session.  Can you spot it?  We loved spending time with Andrea and Taylor and are so excited for their wedding on May 12!!”   Glade and Corinne 



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