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Geoff and Meridith’s Wedding . . . at last!!

October 13, 2011 – “Lake Tahoe is truly a mountain jewel with its sapphire blue water, majestic mountains, and stately pines.  This was the incredible backdrop for the wedding of Geoff and Meridith.  As friends and family gathered on the shoreline overlooking beautiful Lake Tahoe, joy and excitement filled the mountain air.  This day was a long time coming, but definitely worth the wait!!

There were so many things we loved about this wedding.  First of all, we love Geoff and Meridith!!  Geoff is our nephew and we couldn’t be happier that he found the love of his life in Meridith.  They couldn’t be more perfect for each other!  They are both fun, vivacious, and love high adventure and the outdoors.  Meridith was amazing scaling rocks in her wedding dress and bare feet so we could get some gorgeous photos of them surrounded by that beautiful blue water.  With their love of the outdoors, we thought it would be fun to put them in a kayak out on the lake.  These are some of our favorite photos.  Lake Tahoe is truly a photographer’s dream and Geoff and Meridith were good sports putting up with our crazy requests!!

Then came the reception . . . and oh, what a reception . . . so unique and so in keeping with Geoff and Meridith’s fun-loving personalities.  Geoff’s parents’ backyard looked beautiful with yellow and red flowers, balloons, tiny white lights and hanging lanterns.  Beautiful Spanish music delighted guests as they dined on a scrumptious array of Mexican dishes.  It was time to “cut the cake” but this was not your typical cake cutting!!  The “cake” was hoisted up into the trees as the bride and groom took turns swinging at it with a decorated baseball bat.  The “cake” was actually a pinata that Geoff had meticulously made, slathering it with drywall mud to look like frosting.  From a distance it looked like a wedding cake.  The kids enthusiastically begged for a turn to beat the wedding cake which finally sprang open to shower the excited children below with candy.  It was hard to take pictures as we were laughing so hard!!

Touching moments of the evening were Meridith singing a sweet serenade with her guitar to her new husband, after which Geoff gave her a standing ovation.  The bride and groom’s first dance was moving and tender.  Emotions ran high as Meridith’s dance with her father brought tears to their eyes and to the eyes of those watching.  A huge bouquet of red and yellow balloons were released into the air symbolizing the union of Geoff and Meridith.

We could not be happier for this beautiful couple who deserve the greatest joys and blessings as they begin their life together.  The best is yet to come!  May the honeymoon never end . . . ”  Glade and Corinne








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  1. These are beautiful! Such great images to remember that wonderful day… great job!

    October 17, 2011 at 8:12 am

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