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The Incredible Drake Family

August 1, 2011 – “It is a privilege to know the Drake family and to call them our friends.  They came together for a family reunion prior to Terry and Marvia serving their fourth mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They are exemplary parents who never sit still.  They are constantly going about doing good and are very accomplished people.  Their children and spouses have followed suit.  We knew the Drakes from our days in Reno.  Terry served as our bishop and also delivered our son, Tyler, as he is a retired Ob-Gyn doctor.  Tyler later thanked Bishop Drake by kicking him in the shins every Sunday when he was a toddler.  He has since repented.  Glade replaced Terry as the bishop of our ward and had great memories helping the Drake children navigate the treacherous waters of teenage life.  How fun it was to see their children all grown with adorable children of their own!!  It takes some doing to get thirty people, including sixteen children to smile and look at the camera.  It went pretty well thanks to balloons, squeakers and lollipops (and that was just for the adults 🙂  Good luck, Terry and Marvia, as you head to Central America for yet another mission.  You are an inspiration and example to us all!!  Much love . . . ”  Glade and Corinne

Cassie and Scott’s daughter, Ellie, was going to be baptized soon so we got this keepsake photo.  LOVE THIS ONE . . .


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