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Fun in the Sprinklers

July 1, 2011 – “It all began with a morning walk outside with my grandson, Noah.  Our neighbor’s sprinklers were on and I encouraged Noah to run through the sprinklers with me.  Being a cautious child, he was very tentative at first, not wanting to get wet.  We got a few little sprinkles and our fun ended when the neighbors sprinklers went off . . . or so we thought . . .  Then our sprinklers came on.  Noah was fascinated by them.  He got closer and closer and then took off running through the yard, caught in a trap of flying water.  He decided that this was fun and exciting.   His shyness turned into an all out extreme sprinkler run, fully-clothed, I might add.  By now he had an audience of Grandpa, Uncle Tyler and his mom.  We were all egging him on for our amusement.  We laughed until we almost cried.  What a perfect way to ring in our 4th of July weekend!!  Happy summer, everyone!”  Corinne



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