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Jason and Christine’s Engagements

May 6, 2011 – “It was one of those schizophrenic spring days in Utah when the weather changed every five minutes – literally one minute it was snowing, then sunshine, then hail, then rain, then sunshine, then snow . . . you get the picture. Christine had dreamed of having her engagement photos done at the Great Salt Lake since we met her last fall.  She and Jason have been living in N. Carolina and both flew in to town for their engagement session.  We had only one afternoon to take their photos and this was NOT the weather we had ordered.  But we decided to hope for the best and go for it!  It was cold and windy, but not raining or snowing . . . we were grateful.  The Great Salt Lake actually looked more like the ocean and the sky was dramatic and beautiful.  Christine was freezing but we did our best to keep her warm between takes . . . well, we should say that Jason did his best to keep her warm.  It is such a treat to photograph two people so madly in love and not afraid to show it in front of the camera.  This natural emotion makes for fantastic photos! This was one of our favorite photo sessions because of the uniqueness of the location and the chemistry between Jason and Christine.  We LOVE how their photos turned out!!!  Good luck picking your favorite . . . ”  Glade and Corinne


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