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Happy 30th Anniversary to Us!!

January 23, 2011 – “On December 30th, thirty years ago, Glade and I were married in the Oakland Temple.  Our marriage has been a slice of heaven on earth.  We don’t feel old enough to have been married that long!  We feel like teenagers cleverly disguised in these fifty-something old bodies.   We decided to celebrate by taking a much needed vacation to the Marriott Newport Coast Villas in California.  It felt so good to leave the snow, gray fog and freezing cold temperatures behind in Salt Lake City.  We embraced the 70+ degree days with pleasure, wearing our shorts and flip flops for the first time in many months.  We spent a lot of time exploring and enjoying the ocean.  It is so intoxicating . . . the smell, the sand between your toes, the warmth of the sun, the vast expanse that seems to go on forever, the sea life and the powerful sound of waves crashing on the beach.  We witnessed the most spectacular sunsets you could imagine.  We loved every minute and took many photos to document our perfect getaway.  Here are some of our favorites.  Hope you enjoy them . . . ”  Glade and Corinne

We found these star fish at Dana Point near some tide pools.  They were as big as dinner plates!!

We went on a whale and dolphin watching excursion.  We saw tons of dolphin.  They are very playful and loved to swim just under the bow of the boat.    We saw three gray whales – one was a mother with her baby.  They were not very active as the mother tries to make herself as inconspicuous as possible to keep her baby safe from predators.  But just seeing them in their natural element was a thrill of a lifetime!  We also saw some noisy sea lions hanging out on a buoy.

The beautiful Dana Point Harbor . . .

We LOVE this photo of the bird and the gorgeous sunset reflections in the waves and sand . . .

These were taken at Balboa Beach on the Balboa Peninsula.  There is a carousel built in 1938 and an old pier with a Ruby’s Diner at the end where we enjoyed chocolate milkshakes – yum!  We saw a school of dolphins feeding just off shore and almost cried that we left our zoom lens in the car!

We enjoyed this spectacular sunset while dining right on the beach at the famous Beachcomber Restaurant in Crystal Cove State Park . . . very romantic!  The restaurant is surrounded by quaint old cottages that you can rent such as this one . . .

Mission San Juan Capistrano was established in 1776 to bring Christianity to the native Californians and has unique and beautiful old architecture with great history and character.

A really strange tree with spikes . . . not climbing friendly . . .


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