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Jake and Rachel’s Wedding

January 6, 2010 – “On December 15th, Jake and Rachel were married for eternity in the beautiful Bountiful Temple.  They are a wonderful couple and it was a special day to be a part of.  Our favorite moments . . . the joy on their faces as they walked out of the temple doors for the first time as husband and wife; the beauty of the fresh snowfall; the snowball fight that ensued; Jake and Rachel being doused with snow (love Jake’s calm smile); the adorable children; the gift of Cookie Monster for Rachel and Big Bird for Jake from Rachel’s nephew, Isaac; being surrounded by family and friends who came to share in their joy; the sparklers and bubbles as they left the reception center.  A wedding miracle – we brought a red and white umbrella to the temple in case of rain or snow.  We did not know that Rachel’s father, who passed away not long ago, was a huge Ute fan . . . a sign that he was very much a part of his daughter’s wedding day.   Jake and Rachel, thank you for the privilege of photographing your wedding.  We wish you an eternity of happiness.”  Glade and Corinne


One response

  1. Susan

    Wow, the photos are all awesome. I really like the one of Jake and Rachel coming out of the temple with their moms in that background. Others I like are the one with snow falling on them, the black and white one with the temple in the background, and all the kid ones. What great pictures.

    January 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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