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A Day at the Zoo

November 12, 2010 – “As we all grow older, it is especially fun and fulfilling to relive life’s experiences through the eyes of your children and grandchildren.  Noah and Asher were thrilled with the zoo . . . the carousel, the choo-choo train, the crazy monkeys jumping from tree limb to tree limb and swinging by their tails, the humongous snake that pressed its head against the glass to say hello, the giant bug and butterfly collection under glass, the giraffes with their huge tongues.  It was Baby Emery’s first time at the zoo at almost two months old.  She slept through the whole event, but finally opened her huge brown eyes at the end of our visit to see what she had missed.  It was a chilly, but joyous day at the zoo!  Here are some of my favorites memories.”   Corinne


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