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The Best Father’s Day Present Ever!

November 3, 2010 – “I am married to an adrenaline junkie!  Glade loves adventure.  I play it safe.  We are a crazy match that way.  Glade has wanted to try paragliding for years.  I rarely stand in his way with the crazy things he likes to do, but on paragliding, I put my wifely foot down.  Then around Father’s Day, he found a coupon for a great deal on a tandem paragliding ride.  ‘Please, oh please, oh please!!!!,’ he said.  He sounded like one of my grandsons.  I figured a tandem ride would make us both happy – it would keep him safe and would satisfy his need for a death-defying adventure.  I decided this would be a great Father’s Day gift for Glade – so much better than a tie!  So he finally got around to scheduling his flight, and bright and early this morning, we headed to the point of the mountain for what Glade described as ‘the best Father’s Day present ever’.  He LOVED it . . . a little too much.  He was asking way too many questions of his pilot – like how much it would cost to get started and how long the training took.  I knew this would happen!  But I must admit, it was a pretty incredible experience watching him soar through the skies like a bird.  If I weren’t such a chicken, I would do it too.  So Happy Father’s Day, Glade.  Here are some of the photos I took of his great adventure.”  Corinne


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