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Chelsea & Brady

July 1, 2010 – “As we arrived at the Bountiful Temple to take photos of Chelsea and Brady’s ‘first look’, we saw an exquisite bride and her handsome groom walking ahead of us towards the temple.  We thought how spectacular it would be to take their pictures.  Little did we know that the gorgeous couple was Chelsea and Brady!  We loved everything about this photo session.  Chelsea and Brady are an adventurous couple.  Their engagement photo was taken in front of an authentic teepee that Brady built on a camping trip they took together.   How many girls do you know who would use a camping photo showing themselves with no make-up as their engagement picture?  Chelsea is a natural beauty and a girl who is up for any adventure.  That is one of the things Brady loves about her.  Brady is in the Air Force and is stationed in Spokane, Washington.  We love and admire the strong, courageous and selfless men and women who serve in our military!  Thank you, Brady.

We love brides who dare to be different!  Chelsea has Native American ancestry and wore a gorgeous Indian heirloom necklace that had been passed down in her family for three generations.  She also wore brown cowboy boots with her ultra-feminine bridal gown.  It was windy at the temple which made it fun to capture her dress flowing wildly in the breeze.  Chelsea’s ring was fabulous with turquoise and diamonds – love it!  Brady and Chelsea were so much fun to take pictures of.  They had some very unique ideas for poses which included Chelsea in a tree, on Brady’s shoulders and riding on his back.  We really love doing these ‘first looks’.  It was nice to have the luxury of time in a stress-free environment to get some beautiful photos of them.  They were also able to have the photos framed and ready to display at their reception.

We know they will have a fun, adventurous and happy life together.  We loved being a part of their wedding!!!  We have the best job in the world!”  Glade and Corinne

Love this next photo!!  There is no perfect picture – only a perfect moment captured.

What a fun photo!

This next photo we love for its romance and elegance . . .


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