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Beautiful Jackson Hole

June 19, 2010 – “Glade and I just returned from a great trip to the spectacular Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  These mountains are magnificent.  The wet spring made for lush green hills and pastures and as you can see from our photos, the area is full of wild life.  We were on ‘Mormon Row’ taking pictures at an old abandoned house where two baby foxes decided to take up residence, along with two owls.  We felt like National Geographic photographers sitting and waiting for the foxes to come out and play.  One of the more inquisitive ones walked through a culvert which happened to end right at Glade’s feet.  They were so playful and cute!  As we were taking photos of the foxes, a huge herd of buffalo happened to pass through the pasture just behind us.  One got awfully close to Glade.  They are HUGE and intimidating animals.  We also happened upon three moose on another hike.  The wildlife was plentiful and the scenery was spectacular!!  Here are a few of our favorite photos.  Enjoy!”  Glade and Corinne 

We LOVE this photo!!  What a sweet little face (the fox, not the buffalo) . . .

Victorious mouse hunt . . .

The magnificent majesty of the Tetons . . .

Beautiful Oxbow Bend . . .

We were thrilled to get this photo of the famous 100 year old Moulton Barn on “Mormon Row” when buffalo just happened to wander past . . .


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