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May 31, 2010 – “Memorial Day is about so much more than BBQ’s, store sales and a day off from work.  It is about paying tribute to our loved ones who have passed on.  It is especially about honoring those who have served in our military and made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to preserve our freedoms and to help others in the world live a better life.  I am so grateful for brave men and women who are and were willing to serve our country.  I am grateful for my father who served our country as a captain in WWII.  He landed on Normandy Beach on D+3 (three days after the invasion).  To this day, he does not talk much about his war experiences.  It is still too raw and painful for him.  We are slowly losing this great generation who fought in WWII.  They were strong and brave and fought for a noble cause.

The cemeteries in Utah are an incredible site on Memorial Day.  They are places where families come together to remember and honor their ancestors and loved ones.  There is a sea of flowers at the graves.  One may not think of cemeteries as beautiful, but this is truly a beautiful and touching site. 

I took this picture in a military cemetery in San Francisco.  I wanted to focus on the one tombstone, showing the name of the individual who served his country and died and left a grieving family behind.  Yet, this tombstone is just one of many tombstones – row after row of valiant men and women who paid the ultimate price.  Thank you to them. 

Let us all take time in our activities today to say a prayer of thanks for our military and their families.  Let us also remember our loved ones who have gone on to prepare a place for us when it is our turn to go.”  Corinne


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