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January 25, 2010 – “It was a spectacular day in Park City with a fresh blanket of pure white snow.  It was the perfect setting to take photos of our sweet and beautiful daughter, Ashley, her fun and cool husband, Kristo, and their beyond-adorable son, Noah.    We especially love the pictures of Noah – his cute dimple on one cheek, his toothy grin and sparkling eyes.  Children change and grow so incredibly fast.  It is important to take tons of photos so that when you are grandparents like us, you can look back and see that your children really were young once.  It is impossible to take TOO many photos!!!  Ashley has become a crochet queen and made all the hats they are wearing.  (To check out her creations on Etsy, click  here.  Her business is called ‘Crow in the Shade’ .)”  Glade and Corinne


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  1. Those are so cute! Where are the rest? I like the ones of Noah on the road, such a cutie!

    February 23, 2010 at 10:03 pm

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