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Orem Care Center

October 22, 2009 – “We have the unique job of providing photos for a care center in Orem, Utah.   We are showcasing important landmarks in the Provo/Orem area.  Many hours were spent researching old photos at the Utah Historical Society.  It reinforced to us the importance of photography.  Thanks to someone taking a picture many years ago, the state archives are now full of incredible old pictures that at the time I’m sure seemed of little importance to the photographer!  Our challenge has been to recreate a ‘now’ picture of the same landmark to be displayed next to the ‘then’ picture.  This has been a fun project.  Glade even got to go for an airplane ride around the area to get some aerial shots.  So, take lots of pictures!!!  You are preserving a piece of history.  To see all the photos from this project, click here.”  Glade and Corinne

Then - Brigham Young Academy

Now - The old Brigham Young Academy is now the Provo City Library

Then - Aerial View of BYU

Now - Aerial View of BYU

Then - University Ave. and Center St., Provo

Now - University Ave. and Center St., Provo

Then - Provo Canyon

Now - Provo Canyon

Then - Mt. Timpanogos

Now - a magnificent fall viewing Mt. Timpanogos from the Alpine Loop

Then - Utah Lake from the mountains above Provo

Now - Hang gliders taking off from the mountains above Provo with Utah Lake in the background

Then - Provo Tabernacle

Now - Provo Tabernacle

Then - A "Y" of people at BYU

Now - A collage of the current BYU experience


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